Tooth Repairs in Maidstone - Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crown

A dental crown, also sometimes referred to as a ‘cap’, is placed over a prepared tooth to provide extra strength, restore shape and size and also improve its appearance.

Once firmly cemented into place at our Maidstone dental practice, the crown fully encases the tooth which is visible above and at the gum line.


There are a number of cases where a dental crown may be used:

  1. To protect a weakened tooth which, for example, may have suffered from dental decay.
  2. To hold together parts of an already cracked tooth
  3. To give additional strength to a tooth which has a large filling and would otherwise offer insufficient strength
  4. To hold a dental bridge in position
  5. To improve the appearance of misshapen or badly discoloured teeth
  6. To complete a root canal procedure
  7. To complete a dental implant procedure

Dental Crown Materials

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials; each offering their own advantages.

All Porcelain Crowns

Crowns made entirely of porcelain, offer the patient a very natural appearance.

Unlike crowns where porcelain is bonded to a metal interior, the crown retains its natural colour and does not reveal a darkened gum line at the metal margin around the crown.

Made to the shade of your natural teeth, this is an aesthetically appealing and strong option and is suitable for anyone with metal allergies.

Before and after cosmetic crowns

Gold crown

Offering the highest level of strength; gold crowns are an excellent option for anyone not concerned with a natural looking tooth.

As gold is very workable, these can be fitted with more precision than other types. Its strength also means that it is highly resistant to chipping and offers excellent longevity.

Porcelain crowns bonded to metal

By bonding a porcelain exterior to metal to form a robust substructure, this type of crown offers a very high level of strength.

Whilst the porcelain outer layer can provide a natural appearance, there is a limitation in that the metal at the margin of the crown can show as a dark line at the junction with the patient’s gum.

Dental bridges

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is one of the options available to replace a missing tooth, or number of teeth.

This restoration is held in place by bonding it onto the surrounding teeth which have been prepared in a similar manner as ‘crowned’ teeth. The artificial teeth literally “bridge” the gap which was left when the natural teeth were lost.

To learn more about the crown and bridgework we offer, please call the Kent Smile Studio of Maidstone on 01622 754662.


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