Modern Braces for Discreet Teeth Straightening in Maidstone

Crooked or uneven teeth are likely to result in a less attractive smile and for some, a loss of confidence in social situations.

Incorrectly positioned teeth though, can be corrected effectively by using modern orthodontics, or dental braces as they are more commonly known.

Particularly good news for older patients is that the latest orthodontic systems are not just for teenagers, but can be worn by adults of all ages too!

Transaligner Clear Braces

Trans Aligner

Transaligner braces are entirely different from most other orthodontics in that they do not use wires and braces to reposition the teeth.

Instead, a series of invisible trays are made, following impressions and scans, to ensure an individual, bespoke fit for each patient.

These trays simply fit over the teeth and are designed to be worn for approximately 22 hours each day for two to three weeks. During this time, they will exert a gentle pressure on the teeth, moving them a little towards the desired position.

The first tray is then removed, and the next tray in the series fitted, which continues the job of repositioning the teeth. This process continues until the teeth are correctly positioned again.

Transaligner braces are comfortable, highly discreet and hardly noticeable when worn. They are also very convenient in that they are designed to be removed when eating and also when cleaning your teeth.

Clear braces


Cfast Braces

Cfast braces (abbreviated from 'cosmetically focused adult straight teeth') offer a gentle and minimally invasive method of teeth straightening.

Unlike Transaligners, Cfast orthodontics do use wires and brackets to straighten the teeth; however, they are made from fine, tooth coloured materials to ensure that they are as discreet as possible.
Although Cfast braces are more visible than Transaligners, this method compensates by acting significantly faster; typically achieving their aim within six months, depending on the individual patient's case.

Conventional braces

Commonly referred to as 'train track' braces, these are the type of braces best known to most of us.

Whilst highly effective, they are less discreet than both Cfast and Transaligners; although more affordable for some patients.

It should be remembered that different orthodontics work better for some needs than others, and a consultation with our teeth straightening dentist at our Maidstone practice will determine the most suitable method for you.


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