Services for Dental Anxiety in Maidstone - Sedation Dentistry

At Kent Smile Studio, we pride ourselves on our friendly and caring dental team and the focussed efforts we have made to ensure that the practice itself offers a warm and relaxing environment for our patients.

However, we do recognise that some our patients suffer from anxiety when it comes to dental visits. This is not uncommon but can be quite traumatic for the person concerned.

Whilst many patients who fear the dentist are reassured by the manner in which they are treated when a simple examination or minor procedure is needed; where an invasive procedure is necessary, extra help can be provided in the way of intravenous (IV) sedation.

The IV Sedation Process

Anxious patients, or those simply wishing for a less stressful procedure when having an invasive procedure, such as dental implant placement, can opt to have IV sedation at Kent Smile Studio with a specialist Anaesthetist.

By administering the sedation through a small needle in the back of the hand, the sedative enters the bloodstream, leaving the patient feeling relaxed and comfortable almost immediately.

How will I feel?

Although this method has been referred to as ‘sleep dentistry’, this is an incorrect description as the patient does not sleep but enters a highly relaxed, but fully conscious, state.

This is important as our dentists may need to communicate with you during the procedure.

Many patients report that time passes more quickly using sedation and often feel that a lengthy procedure only took a few minutes, when, in fact, it took much longer.

Alternatives to IV

For those whose fear of visiting the dentist also relates to their fear of the needle, alternatives are available. These include both oral and inhalation sedation.

Oral sedation involves the patient taking medication, typically a tablet, prior to the treatment. This is not as fast acting as IV sedation though and may need to be taken a little while in advance.

Inhalation sedation is administered in the form of a gas that is inhaled and the effects of this are almost immediate.

Monitoring and precautions during sedation

Your safety is our main concern at our Maidstone dental practice, so anyone who has sedation dentistry should bring someone with them to ensure that they travel home safely following treatment. Whilst the effects wear off quite quickly, you can feel slightly disorientated for a short period and under no circumstances should you attempt to drive.

Whilst sedated, our experienced and trained professionals will monitor you at all times during the process.

If you have any concerns, these can be addressed both before and during sedation. We are here to ensure both your safety and your comfort and will listen patiently and offer any advice that may be needed.

All sedation will be administered by a is qualified Specialist Anaesthetist.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and live in the Maidstone area, we invite you to call Kent Smile Studio today on 01622 754662 and ask us about IV sedation. We’ll be very pleased to explain the treatment and how it can help you overcome your fears.


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